Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Urgently Needing Help

Save a Horse Australia is a fully registered charity and we rely on public support to be able to help as many horses as we do. If you can help by making a tax deductible donation or by buying a raffle ticket please click on the "How You Can Help" section of this website. We currently have very high vet, medical and feed expenses and if you think you might be able to offer some assistance with fundraising I would love to hear from you. Many Thanks to everyone who offers love, support, time, money and items. You are all amazing.


Massive thank you to the lovely ladies who donated a fridge for our stables. Our horses now have fresh apples, carrots, pears and watermelon that doesn't go off like it use to. Massive thank you xxx

Marley's Trip to Manly Rd Horse Hospital

Marley is the big TB gelding that was surrendered with two fractured pedal bones and chronic laminitis. One morning last week I noticed a very small growth on his eye and with my experience with carcinoma's I freaked out and booked him into the eye specialist. We transported Marley into see Pauline and she was very surprised that I noticed it so early. She said that it isn't cancer yet however it very well might turn into one so Marley is booked into have a check up on the 17th of May. Fingers Crossed he doesn't need surgery.

Chyanne ~ A flood victim

The beautiful Chyanne is an aged pony who was caught up in the devastation that was the QLD floods. She was rescued from rising flood water and swam to safety after being caught up in fencing. Sadly her owner suffered all kinds of loss including feed and after being flooded in for weeks her beautiful old mare lost a lot of condition. Chyanne's owner made the heart breaking decision to surrender her due to not being about to help her old mare get better but we have given her the option of adopting her back once she has settled into her new home and gotten back on her feet and once Chyanne is all healthy and ready for re-homing. Sadly the QLD floods affected a lot of people and in many different ways. 
Chyanne was very dehydrated when she arrived but after a few days on vitamin injections, supplements and electrolytes she is a different horse.

Midi is looking for a loving forever home

Midi is searching for a new home. She is about 15hh, 16 year old and a grey (meant to be anglo arab) Midi also suffers from a little itch so she must be rugged! Midi needs an experienced rider to bring out her best and is suited to trail or pleasure riding! She is a lovely natured horse and is dying to bond with someone! She does have floating issues so will need to be transported in a truck! We will be doing some floating training with her while she is still searching for a home.

If you would like to see Midi please phone 0405054750

Chicky's First Time Under Saddle

Chicky was a surrender who needed eye surgery to remove a cancer. She has healed really well and was put under saddle for the first time yesterday. Chicky is a little bit sore and we will be sending her to Robert Humphries Chiropractor once we have done some float training with her. She is a stunning mare with so much potential.
I would also like to take the time to thank the many people who donated money towards Chicky's surgery. She is alive today and has all of you to thank. xx

Abbey Update

Abbey is a beautiful aged Arab mare who was left on a massive property fading away to nothing. She was rescued on the 21st of December and has been in care for 3 months. Abbey is going so well and she was put under saddle for the first time yesterday. She is push button, no dirt what so ever and for a little horse who hasn't been ridden in god knows how long she is PERFECT. Abbey has found a home as well and hopefully we will see her gracing the Oxenford Pony Club oldies days.

This was Abbey the day she arrived. She was in very poor condition

This is Abbey 3 months after rescue and her first time under saddle with us

Friday, March 25, 2011


I'm so sorry that my message bank is always full and I haven't had a chance to call people back. Please know that I'm having surgery for Cancer next week and have been needing time to myself. I will get to all of your calls and emails as soon as I can. We have 18 horses in care at the moment with two ready for homes and two coming in next week. Thank you so much for your understanding and I'll be back in action before you know it.

Kindest Regards
Amanda Vella

Monday, March 21, 2011

Winner Announced


1. Taylor Made QH's Taylor Bleu. Drawn 19th March 2011 ~ Winner ~ Teneale Hughes

Easter Raffle

Its only 4 weeks until Easter guys and this year we are holding a mega Easter raffle to help raise money for our rescue horses. We are still trying to raise the $6000 for Chicky and Whiskey's surgery which we have raised just over half so far and with our other vet accounts being over $2000 and now Marley needing to go to the horse hospital which will cost about $3000 as well we are needing help more than ever.

First prize is a massive basket filled with Easter eggs and goodies.
Second prize is a small basket filled with Easter eggs and goodies.

If you would like to buy a ticket and help raise money for our beautiful rescue horses please deposit money into the account posted below and use your surname and the letter "EB"
It is extremely important that you use the reference "EB" so we can put your deposit to this raffle.

Will be drawn on the 16th of April which is one week before Easter and winner announced on this website.


BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB

Massive thank you to everyone for your ongoing love and support and thank you for helping the horses. xxx

Photo not of actual prize

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sulley is going so well and is almost ready for his new home

Sulley was surrendered in November 2010 when he was purchased from the knackery for a kids program but wasn't suitable. He was very grumpy and was showing signs of aggression to his owners so they surrendered him. Sulley was actually in pain and was showing signs of arthritis but on further investigation he was actually "out" everywhere. We healed his stomach ulcers and he was treated by Robert Humphries Equine Chiropractor who discovered that his jaw was out causing pain when eating. His poll was out causing a permanent head ache and his pelvis was out causing pain in his back end. He was adjusted and is now perfectly sound and ready for his home. Sulley has one more follow up appointment with Robert on the 16th of April and after that he is going to live with Kylie Cole in his new forever home. Another very happy ending for a beautiful big gentle giant who was almost slaughter just because he was in a little pain.

Sulley on arrival

Marley is going so well

Marley came in at the end of last year with two fractured pedal bones and chronic laminitis. He has been healing well and I'm very happy with his progress.

Marley on arrival ~ right front

Marley Currently

Increase in Equine eye Carcinoma (Cancer)

In Australia, but especially in Queensland there has been an increased number of younger horses developing eye Carcinoma's. There are a number of different types but the most common one is Squamous Cell Carcinoma which is caused by the UV rays. Mostly Appaloosa's, Paints and light coloured horses with pink pigmented skin will develop a Squamous Cell Carcinoma, however; they are not limited to such horses.

In QLD we have the highest rate of "human" skin cancers in the world, the strength of the UV rays over Australia is recorded as one of the highest and when we go out into the sun we protect ourselves from the suns rays but our equine friends have long been forgotten.

It is extremely important to protect our horses eyes with a good quality UV protection fly mask during the day especially in summer but also in winter. This will protect your horse from the harmful UV rays, avoiding Carcinoma's, a $3000+ vet bill and death.

UV safe fly masks are essential and for the sake of $30 is worth its weight in gold.

RIP Sally your death was not in vain

SAHA currently has two horses being treated for Carcinoma's. Whiskey is an Appy who has spent 6 weeks in the horse hospital having surgery and chemo. He is only 15 years old. Chicky is a TB mare who is only 8 years old, but we caught hers very early. Both should make a full recovery but we do have a $6000 vet bill just for these two horses. Our vet bill for the month of feb is $8200. If you can help with making a tax deductible donation of buying a raffle ticket in our current raffle please click on the link below for more details.

Thank you for your love and support xxx

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bobbie is going well

This is Bobbie at the Oxenford PC oldies day where he WON 3rd overall sporting horse in the intermediate level. Carol and I went down to see some of our rescue horses compete. Bobbie was rescued in Sept 2009 in VERY poor condition and so unhealthy. He was re-homed in Jan 2010 to his lovely forever home and he is going so well. xx

It was also Apollo's first Pony Club day and he took it all in his stride. He played up a little but he is a 5 year old ex race horse.

Bobbie on arrival in Sept 2009

Bobbie 2 weeks after arriving in Sept 2009

Bobbie on Sunday the 13th March 2011 at OPC oldies day
Bobbie won 3rd overall sporting horse

Update on Freya's Foal Milo

As many of you would remember back on the 20th of Feb 2010 I went to the Gympie sales and fell in love with a beautiful Grey mare and her foal. I wasn't able to stay for the auction due to having a sick horse at home but this mare really played on my mind and i couldn't stop thinking about her. The next day I searched every knackery and dogger trying to find out who bought her and I found her at Rathdowney knackery. She was bought for $90 and was completely unhandled. The knackery owner told me that her little foal had been injured and needed to be killed but she was $400 to rescue.

Myself and the lovely Melissa made the journey out to Rathdowney to rescue her and 7 months later she was re-homed. During her rehabilitation a lovely lady called "Mandy" actually contacted me and told me that she bought the little foal off Rathdowney at the Gympie sales and that he had indeed been rescued, he was about 2 months old.
Well this is an update on how the little foal is doing. Mandy named him Seal and he is now a yearling but he was re-homed to another lovely lady who has re-named him Milo. He was bay, went black and is now greying out. He is happy and very healthy and going so well.
A massive thanks to everyone who was involved in Freya's rescue through SAHA and for the people who donated money to rescue her and a massive thanks to the lovely people involved in rescuing little Milo. Isn't he BEAUTIFUL.

Freya also found a lovely forever home and is very much loved by her new family. This is one very happy story on both sides and this is what makes us keep on going, even when we think we cant.

Milo at the Gympie sales
Freya and Milo at the Gympie sales
Milo now ~ one year after being rescued
Freya 7 months after rescue

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can You Help?

We are still needing urgent financial support. With 2 critically ill horses in the horse hospital (one has now returned home) and a number of other rescues needing ongoing vet care out Jan-Feb vet bills has grown to $8174 including the Manly Rd Horse Hospital - $6000, Nerang Equine Practice - $722 and Veresdale Vet Practice - $1452.

If you can help with a donation we are able to offer tax receipts for every donation over $2. This means that you can claim your donation on tax at the end of the financial year. I have posted our bank details below and thank you to everyone who has helped. Save a Horse Australia rescues abused, neglected and unwanted horses and there is no way we could rescue the amount we do without your ongoing love and support. Thank you x

BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB

Please email your full name and address to saveahorseaustralia@yahoo.com.au if you require a tax receipt. We send them out at the end of each month.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We have a new rescue but he is critical - RIP BABY

Sammy was surrendered today in a very bad way. He is extremely poor and full of fluid which we think is Ascites which causes kidney, liver and heart failure. Sammy is very sick and is resting in our stables at the Gilston Rehabilitation center. The vet will be seeing him tomorrow and I will post an update when we have more information.
Sammy is a 10 year old registered pure QH gelding about 14.2hh.

3 days after Sammy was surrendered he passed away. Sadly, his little heart just couldnt take the pressure. Sammy's blood results showed chronic infection and his iron leaves were 18. At 15 he would have needed a blood transfusion. Sammy was chronicly anemic and he wasnt passing urine. Sadly, he was just to far gone. RIP beautiful baby boy.

I stood beside your bed last night, I came to have a peep.

I could see that you were crying; you found it hard to sleep.
I whinnied to you softly as you brushed away a tear,
"It's me, I haven't left you. I'm well, I'm fine, I'm here."
I was with you at my grave today; you tend it with such care.
I want to reassure you, that I'm not lying there.
I walked with you toward the house, as you fumbled for your key.
I put my head against you, nickered and said, "It's me."
You looked so very tired, and sank into a chair.
I tried so hard to let you know that I was standing there.
It's possible for me to be so near you every day.
To say to you with certainty, "I never went away."
You sat there very quietly, then smiled; I think you knew.
In the stillness of that evening, I was very close to you.
And when the time is right for you to cross the brief divide,
I'll gallop across to greet you, and we'll stand there side by side.
I have so many things to show you, there's so much for you to see.
Be patient, live your journey out...then come home to be with me

If you would like to donate or help Save a Horse Australia rescue these beautiful lost souls please click on the link below for a list of ways you can help. Thank you all so much xxx

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chicky Comes Home From Hospital

Our beautiful chicky comes home from hospital tomorrow. Her surgery went well and she didn't need Chemo like Whiskey. She is bright and happy considering what she has been through.

Whiskey started his second round of chemo yesterday and is coping well. He has another 2 weeks and should be allowed to come home.

We desperately need some help with the hospital costs which total $6000 and we can offer a tax receipt for every donation over $2. If you can spare even just a few dollars please click the link below to see how you can make a donation or buy a raffle ticket.
Thank you so much to everyone for your support. Without it we wouldn't be able to rescue the horses we do. Thank you so much xxx


BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB

Chicky in the horse hospital

 Whiskey in the horse hospital