Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Horsey Update ♥

The vet saw Sally today and it isn't looking good. It's an agressive cancer and the vet fears it may have already spread to her bone. He has taken some samples to send to an eye specialist and we are waiting on the reply. Fingers crossed for Sally, i'm praying that we can save her.

The vet also saw Sampy due to his random lameness that comes and goes. He has shocking hooves from years of neglect and will require shoes to help him. In time his wall will thicken up and we have put him on biotin supplement.

The vet also checked out our little orphan foal who we have named "Caesar", he said that Caesar is healthy and strong which is great news.

We also have 3 new rescue horses arriving ~ a broodmare and 5 week old foal that needs urgent surgery. He has servere carpul valgus and he will need a lateral periosteal strip and medial physeal bridge or screws, this all needs to be done before 6 weeks of age and will cost anywhere between $2000 and $5000. We have the vet booked into look at him and am hoping we can have something sorted out to help him. We will do our very best.
We also have a little mini pony mare who is in foal. She is due on the 16th of Feb but has nasty stifle lock and requires surgery to fix it.

I need to thank Cindy and Pete, Pricilla and Sandy and of course Carol for all of there help with these rescue horses ~ its amazing what we can achieve when we all work together.

I will post some photo's of all rescue horses after the weekend ~ we currently have 19 horses in care and have some ready for adoption but they will be posted in the horses for adoption section after the weekend. ♥

Monday, November 29, 2010

Massive Thank You ♥

First of all I would like to thank Jo Frederiks for the amazing donation of an original painting worth $2000 for us to raffle next year. Jo is a visual artist who lives in Queensland and her Gallery Representations include, Baguette Gallery, Ascot, Percolator Gallery, Paddington and Watling St Gallery, Springwood. Jo is famous for her stunning paintings of horses and the painting she donated is of a beautiful Quarter Horse.

Thank you Jo from the bottom of my heart and from the rescue horses ~ it's people like you who make this journey so much easier. ♥


Now a massive thank you to everyone who helped in the rescue of our last 4 horses. Yatala Produce for running around and finding me the products I needed, Pricilla, Sandy, Sarah, Cindy, Pete, Sydney Horse Transport, Michael Higgins Equine Vet, Louise Cosgrove Equine Vet and everyone who has shown support in these rescue missions. A massive thank you to Freya's new mummy who dropped of a bag of goodies today for the new rescues ~ I'm amazed at the amount of love and support from everyone. ♥

To everyone who has shown support towards our campaign ~ thank you.. We are still needing signed petitions so please go to the Campaign section of this website and download, have signed and send back to us. We are needing all of the help we can get.

"Together we can all make a difference"

We also have a new horse coming in ~ Max is a surrender who was very much loved. He has a Sarcoid on his nose and Louise Cosgrove will be treating him next Tuesday. I will post a big update on all 16 horses in care early next week.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our New Rescue ~ Orphan Colt

This little ‎7 week old orphan colt was rescued from the knackery. I'm not sure what happened to his mummy but he was orphaned. He wasn't a planned rescue, I had arranged to pick up Sally and got a call just before Sydney Horse Transport arrived about this little guy being all alone. I told them to load the little foal up and bring him home, he followed sally onto the truck and was trying to feed from her. I didn't know how old he was, what sex etc until he got home. But he is home now and safe, eating and drinking well and has settled in..

Friday, November 26, 2010

Please Help us Give Sally a Second Chance

Mustang Sally is a paint mare who was sold through the Woodford sales with a growth on her eye. She was bought by Rathdowney Knackery and her old owner has informed me that she thought is was cancer but never had it tested. She said that the mare was "loopy" and "dangerous.. She arrived today and was very scared but settled down after her dinner and was eating carrots quitely.

Sally needs eye surgery to remove a massive growth from her eye lid and she will most probably lose her eye due to losing the eye lid. Horses need the lid to protect the eye, so without the eyelid, she will need to have her whole eye removed. We are having the growth tested to see what cancer (if any) we are dealing with.

Sally is a young mare and has her whole life ahead of her, she may also be infoal as she was running with a stallion. she deserves a second chance.

If you can help with Sally's surgery we are selling raffle tickets which are $2 each and we have 1st to 5th prize this means more people have a chance of winning some prizes.

We have all kinds of amazing things to win which includes Christmas gift certificates, gifts from cowbow concepts and horsey items.

If you would like to buy a raffle ticket please email saveahorseaustralia@hotmail.com

Will be drawn on the 15th of December ~ just in time for christmas.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and for helping us give this mare a second chance at life.

*Please note that we are still in the process of applying for endorsement as a deductible gift recipient so we can not provide tax deductable receipts at this time ~ Save A Horse Australia 97 212 703 053*

Say NO to the inhumane capture and transportation of the Lake Gregory Brumby's from WA to QLD

Announcement made that WA Government decide that these horses will be sent to slaughter, transported from WA to Queensland.

Government denies that it is a 'done deal'

Listen to WA Indigenous Affairs Minister Kim Hames on ABC stating he has employed Max Nunn who is a commercial CAMEL musterer, to "consult" on this issue - and visit the community where the horses are.

Please, we MUST ensure that NO live transport of our wild horses occur. Horse transport, particularly wild horse transport is brutal. Horses will have to be chased and herded into makeshift pens, and then dragged onto the trucks. Horses do not transport well in general, wild horses will buck and rear, and more than often suffer horrific injuries due to the terror and fear experienced - eye sockets ripped open, broken teeth, broken limbs.

The Minister has been consulting with various committee stakeholders about this issue as far back as June. Meeting minutes show an agreed decision that trucking or transporting the Horses would not be considered as it would be inhumane. The RSPCA decided not to vote on whether to cull or transport, but to be observers. The Minister is now simply exercising his right to decide, contrary to the democratic process of consultation and meeting outcomes.

As stated by Animals Australia ‘While the committee's role will be to make its recommendation on animal welfare grounds, the final decision will remain with the WA Government. In this tenuous situation it is therefore critical that the government continues to hear the voices of caring people who are appalled by the ill-conceived plan to cruelly exterminate these peaceful animals.'

The State Liberal Government lead by Premier Colin Barnett in W.A have an abhorrent record on Animal Welfare. This issue highlights their lack of sincere concern for the welfare of animals in this state. This Government continually sides with Industry and Profit, denying our animals their rights to basic welfare standards.

Note that is advised that the horses on this land will, once "removed", will simply make way for the 5000 + herd of cattle. This was confirmed in an e-mail reply from Russell Shaw, Department of Agriculture. The land in their opinion can only support one, and that will mean that even though cattle have a greater impact on the environment, the cattle will prevail as its dollars in the Governments kitty. It would appear that the plan is to remove horses and increase cattle and to continue to run the area as a cattle station. This was confirmed in an e-mail reply from Russell Shaw, Department of Agriculture, to a letter of protest.

If the management of these horses means the slaughter of some of the population, this MUST NOT happen in Queensland - the horses SHOULD NOT be transported.

Please email the Premier, The Minister for Indigenous Affairs and demand, with your voice and with your vote - that they do not back flip on their decision to NOT transport these animals to their slaughter and to find an agreeable solution to managing and controlling the population of our Wild Brumbies, in continued consultation with all stakeholders and with the agenda of the horses welfare, foremost!

Please also refer to this fantastic post by Animal Rights & Rescue Group with suggestions on alternatives to Managing the Brumby population and ideas for your letters: http://www.animalrights.org.au/news.php?id=56

Honourable Dr Kim Hames MB BS JP MLA

Deputy Premier; Minister for Health; Indigenous Affairs
Address: 28th Floor, Governor Stirling Tower, 197 St Georges Terrace, PERTH WA 6000
Telephone: (08) 9222 8788
Fax: (08) 9222 8799
e-Mail: Minister.Hames@dpc.wa.gov.au

Honourable Colin Barnett MEc MLAPremier; Minister for State Development

Address: 24th Floor, Governor Stirling Tower, 197 St Georges Terrace PERTH WA 6000
Telephone: (08) 9222 9888
Fax: (08) 9322 1213
e-Mail: wa-government@dpc.wa.gov.au

Garth, Helix and Our New Mini Pony

On September the 3rd we adopted a mini pony "Garth" as a paddock mate for Helix who had his eye removed due to neglect. Helix was struggling with equine depression so we needed a mini pony fast. But Garth is now going back to the rescue that owns him for re-homing and we have another rescue mini in need of some love. Garth was a very timid little pony but with time he has gotten better. The new mini pony is arriving tomorrow and is also very timid and untrusting, but he will come good with love and affection.

Garth on Arrival

The day he arrived in his stable

Garth 3 weeks ago ~ very dirty

Garth 3 weeks ago ~ needing a good bath

The new mini ~ taken today

Helix on arrival

Helix after surgery

Helix now ~ needing a bath also

Riding School Closing Down Auction ~ Burpengary

I often get emails and calls from people looking for quiet kids ponies and I don't often get quiet rescue horses suitable for kids come through but I have been told about this riding school auction so I thought I would share the information

Brian Munro's riding school in Burpengary is closing down and all horses will be auctioned without a reserve on the 12th of Dec.. Heaps of quite riding horses and ponies. There are over 30 horses/ponies and heaps of riding equipment. I have been told that NO HORSES will be sold before and all of them will be sold through the auction...

Sunday December 12th, 2010 at 10am. 138 Fountain Rd. Burpengary.

There will be a catalouge posted on the Town & Country website on the 1st of Dec http://www.townandcountryauctions.net/upcomingauctions.htm


Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Rescue Mare

This mare went through the Woodford sales last weekend and I have bought her from Rathdowney knackery. She is only young with a growth on her eye the poor girl. She is arriving tomorrow and will be assessed by my vet but I’m pretty sure she will need surgery. I will keep everyone posted on her progress. I have been informed by her old owner that she was also running with a stallion and there is a possibility that she is in foal.

She is only young and there are many one eyed ponies who live normal happy lives. ♥♥ Massive thanks to ~ Pricilla (who I knew would cry one day and who did shed a few tears for this mare) ~ the amazing Gold Coast sisters ~ Sydney Horse Transport ~ Louise Cosgrove Equine Vet ~ Michael Higgins Equine Vet and everyone for your support ♥

Lake Gregory Brumby's

The Minister of Indigenous Affairs, Kim Hames has approved the mass round up of the Lake Gregory Brumbies, allegedly having them transported to Queensland to be killed for human consumption. I have been informed that even though he has stated that he is going to the Mulan Community to assess the situation, he has already arranged the helicopter and transporter for the job, which is meant to be taking place in Jan/Feb 2011.

The minister said that he needs to clean up the wild horse issue which he quoted as being bigger than “Ben Hur” he was also alleged to have quoted his opinion of Shirley Brown and Steven Yuman who are the Elders on the pastoral lease around Lake Gregory saying “They can’t handle it" and "no good to leave it up to them buggers.” This is lovely coming from the Minister of Indigenous affairs who was appointed in the interests of the Indigenous Western Australia.
We are currently fighting this in Parliament and we have much more information but I cannot post until we have information in writing.
Please support this campaign and voice your opinion to Kim Hames, it only takes a few minutes to send an email. Please keep them professional and to the point. Mass culling and transporting these horses across Australia for slaughter is inhumane and unjust, especially when there are people in Western Australia willing to teach Indigenous people how to train these amazing animals. This approval isn’t the answer.

Kim Hames ~ Indigenous Affairs
Address ~ 28th Floor, Governor Stirling Tower, 197 St Georges Tce, Perth WA 6000
Telephone ~ (08) 92228788
Fax ~(08) 92228799
Email ~ Minister.Hames@dpc.wa.gov.au
Internet ~ www.premier.wa.gov.au/Ministers/Kim-Hames

Colin Barnett ~ Premier, Minister for State Development
Address ~ 24th Floor, Governor Stirling Tower, 197 St Georges Tce, Perth WA 6000
Telephone ~ (08) 92229888
Fax ~ (08) 93221213
Email ~ wa-government@dpc.wa.gov.au
Internet ~ www.premier.wa.gov.au/Ministers/colin-barnett

Actual photo of a Brumby at Lake Gregory

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gold Coast Horse ~ Website

This amazing new website has everything you could ever need in the Gold Coast Equine Community. From horse trainers to horse photographers it has everything. Please have a look at our link:


Gold Coast Horse: http://www.goldcoasthorse.com.au/

New Herb Supplier

Marja Arabians ~ Herb Supplier ~ http://marjaarabians.com/index.php

Sonja from Marja Arabians has just come on board with S.A.H.A Horse Rescue and Sanctuary as our herb supplier. Not only does Sonja supply herbs but also vitamins, minerals, supplements and she blends her own mixes like Ulcer Mix. The prices are very reasonable and Sonja is very helpful. So if you are looking for herbs for your horses please contact Sonja.

Phone: 0413045534
Email:  marjaarabians@optusnet.com.au

Monday, November 22, 2010

June is looking for a new home

June is currently looking for a new forever home. Please see the "Horses for Adoption" section of this website for adoption details and information on June-Bug.

Sunday, November 21, 2010