Friday, September 24, 2010

Yatala Produce

Id just like to thank the wonderful crew ~ Viki and Mark at Yatala Prodcue for their amazing support and the love they show myself and my rescue horses. I buy all of my hard feed, electric fencing supplies, vitamins and supplements from Yatala and they always know what im needing and have it in stock before i even have a chance to call up and order it. They deliver to me when i need it and have gone out of their way a number of times to help me. I am located on the Gold Coast and still Vick and Mark do what they can for me ~ even delivering feed on the weekends. They are true supporters for S.A.H.A and both have a heart of gold.

If you are local from South, South West, South East Brisbane or North Gold Coast, please support the small business that puts so much back into the community. I can not recommend these guys enough, they even adopted their very own rescue horse "Prince Harry".

Yatala Produce ~ Stock Feed ~ (07)38072212 ~ 20 Old Pacific Highway Yatala

A massive thank you to Mark and Vicki for everything they have done in helping me and my horses

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Update ♥

I have decided to take a short break from taking in new rescue horses. Its been a long 19 months since my last break and i have decided that I wont be taking in any new horses until November 2010. I currently have 7 rescue's, one has been re-homed and will be delivered on the 16th of October, one will be ready for a new home in 2-3 weeks, two have retired with me, and three are currently getting better.
Even though I am taking a break, i will still be updating this blog page with horsey updates, advertising horses urgently needing homes if any come up and doing our "rescue horse of the week" profiles. The break is from taking in new rescues until November 2010

During this break i will be re-fencing some paddocks, re-seeding paddocks so that some new grasses will grow, re-stocking the bank account, working on getting registered to fundraise and re-charging my batteries with some rest and relaxation.

We do require a few items if anyone might be able to help:

1. Medicated Shampoo and hoof oil
2. Fly Masks
3. Summer cotton rug's and combo's ~ all sizes but mostly 5'9 through to 6'3
4. Electric fencing tape ~ white
5. Flaxseed oil
6. Halters ~ full and cob size mostly

If you can help out with any of this stuff please let me know:

Amanda Vella
PO Box 451
QLD 4212

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported me and the rescue horses and a massive thanks to all of you who have donated items. There is no way that i could rescue the amount of horses I do without your love and support ~ you are all amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Horse will be sold through Grafton dogger sales ~> urgently needs home. Is located between Coff's and Grafton. 15.2hh station bred stock horse, 18 years old, suitable for light riding and must always have front shoes on due to petal bone rotation. Is a sweet natured horse. She needs him re-homed and the sale is the last option. Will give away to a loving home.

Call OWNER: 02 6654 3821 for more info

Rescue Horse of the Week ~ Bobbie

Each week we will profile a rescue horse from the past with an update on how the horse is going now.. This week we will profile Bobbie.

Bobbie came to me as a "surrender"  in sept 2009 ~ He was in poor condition, full of worms, bad teeth, slight rain scald and all in all very unhealthy. It took him longer than normal to put on weight but he turned out to be an awesome little pony.
In Jan 2010 he was re-homed to a lovely lady who works for the RSPCA. She was looking for a beginners horse to learn how to ride, and Bobbie was just perfect for her. Together they do pony club days, trail riding and just love each other to bits. A very happy ending for an amazing little horse.

Bobbie on arrival

Week 2

Week 4

Week 8

Week 11

Week 12

Week 16

10 months ~ in his new home

In his new home

In his new home

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Huge Amount of Emails

Im really sorry if I havent replied to all of your emails. I get hundreds per day and as quickly as i reply, i have hundreds more. I also have over 100 facebook inbox messages, so it may take me a while to reply.
If you are interested in a particular horse listed in the horses for adoption section, please call as this is the best way to find out more, or make an appointment to come and meet the horse.

Many Thanks
Amanda Vella

Horsey Update ♥

Update on all current rescue horses:

FREYA ~ Freya had an internal preg test on Friday and she is not in foal which is awesome. Due to heavey sedation she was left in the stable for the night but during the night, she jumped over the stable door and into the handling yard which is were hope was. Naughty naughty Freya. She is a bit unsettled since June was re-homed but all in all she is well and still searching for a new home (see horses for adoption section of this website).

HOPE ~ Hope has been with me since the 31st of July. When the vet checked her over he said it would be touch and go with her as she was in such a bad way. She was 12.2hh, the size of a weanling and almost 2 years old. I put her in the paddock, feeding small meals and regular for the last 1 and a half months with not much handling or other interaction besides some aromatheropy treatment. Last weekend, I decided that it was time for her to have some handling. She was in a 1 acre paddock and took hours to catch and after a nasty rope burn, Carol and I caught her and lead her up to the handling yard, which is were she will stay for a few weeks to settle. The next mission is to bath her. She has so much energy which is awesome and is really acting like a baby TB filly. Her sire is very well known TB stallion Elvstroem who is by Danehill and his service fee is $38,500 Yet this little filly was so badly starved she will probably not grow over 14hh. Her poor little legs have no muscle what so ever but her little body is putting on weight well. The warts on her nose are starting to fall off which is great. I will keep you all posted on how she goes with handling etc.

MA ~ Grandma is doing really well and putting on weight like a trooper, she has so much energy and was galloping around the property like a mad woman on Friday while i was trying to catch Hope. She has the most loving amazing personality and i just love the old girl to bits. I did put her in the paddock with Gabby for a short while after June left but Gabby was picking on her, so i took her out again. She gets bossed around by all of the horses, even little hope. But ill paddock her with Whiskey when he comes home, he will just love annoying her ♥.

ZORIA ~ Zoria is doing really well out at Karen's, she is really loving having the massive paddocks to herself. She is healthy and almost ready for a new home. Karen will be spending the next 2-3 riding her and she has first option to adopt her, which is very much likely. She has grown attached to the beautiful girl.

Zori after a roll in the mud ~ Karen

KRYSTAL ~ The beautiful 27 year old retired stock horse mare who has retired with me and is fostered to Ryley and her beautiful family. She is still having the odd nose bleed but is happy and healthy, enjoys a swim in the creek and eating all of the reeds. She is a beautiful old girl and i think she will be happy to see the end of Whiskey who has been there to keep her company. Whiskey is now coming home as Ryley has bought a lovely riding horse, who will also keep Krystal company. :-)

WHISKEY ~ Whiskey has been up with Krystal keeping her company and healing from the loss of Brandy, but he is coming home on Friday. He will now go into the paddock with Ma. Whiskey has the most loving personality and makes an amazing nanny horse. ♥

Random Video

SAMPY ~ Sampy is still in Foster care with Janelle, heavey rain and a very steep drive way have stopped me from having him picked up yet, but he is happy there and Janelle is just amazing for looking after him while he is in her care. He is very much in awesome hands. But we will get him home as soon as we can.